Thursday, April 7, 2011

Once Upon a Swimsuit...A Cupcake Story. Plus a WINNER and a Second Chance!!

I am excited to announce the winner of the cookbook and Americolor Markers Giveaway but first, a story...cupcake style.

Once Upon a Swimsuit
Written and Cupcaked by Trish from Sweetology

Once upon a time there was a girl who was going on vacation to a place sunny and warm.

She was excited. 

That is, until she realized she needed a new one of these...

So she popped a few of these.....

And went to the mall to buy a new swimsuit.  It's that easy right? 


The poor lass tried on hundreds...thousands maybe.

But all the styles made her feel like this...

 Not this...

Probably because she loves to eat cupcakes augmented by her patronage of:

Leaving the mall without a new swimsuit she stopped at the bookstore and bought two copies of this:

Which made her very happy.  One for her and one for a future giveaway.

Want to know what else makes her happy??  A GIVEAWAY WINNER!!

Congrats to comment # 18 (via

LOREN  "I just love cupcakes because it's like having a mini cake all for yourself!"

Please email me at for details.

If you didn't win this time, don't worry, YOU STILL CAN!! 

Leave me a comment telling me what kind of cupcake story YOU would create for another set of Americolor Markers - I will keep this open untill Monday 4/11!! 

If you liked my blog post, please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter or with your friends.  I appreciate your comments and feedback very much and hope to get better with each and every posting.

I hope you enjoyed my life in cupcakes this week!

~~ Trish


Notes from the Homestead said...

How cute Trish! But, I have to disagree with you.... you look maaaavelous dahling! Hope you have a fantastic vaca!!!!

Unknown said...

Ha! Ha! I love the Cow cupcake!

I think I would tell story on how to find a CURE for Breast Cancer.

Yainea said...

I love the story but I think that "the girl" should choose a nice swimsuit and enjoy the beach because she is gorgeous and Barbie is only a doll ;). Don't forget to enjoy some cupcakes on your vacation too!! Hugs from Spain (love your blog).

Anjali said...

Trisha love your cute story and cupcakes. You can rock any bikini any day. Enjoy your vacay!

Lois said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all especially since I need to take my butt to the store to find a new swimsuit! I think you should do cupcakes for Food Allergy Awareness (preferably no egg or nuts) & I'm sure my boys would love to dispose of them for you! Keep up the fabulous & inspiring work you do! Hugs!

Lee said...

I would make up a princess cupake story where her tiara is a cupcake - for my niece who is six and practicing to be on cupcake wars! lol

Anjali said...

Oh about the cupcake story-I would tell a story about Minnesota seasons...snowy Winter to flowery Spring to picnicky Summer to colorful Fall :)

Jenni said...

I would let my 4 year old tell me a story and translate it to cupcakes... hey... wait... that's a great idea!
zinger_17 (@) hotmail (dot) com

Brandi said...

What an adorable bunch of cupcakes! I love the cow one the best I think... I would make a story about a day in the life of a cupcake.

cookies and cups said...

story telling through cupcakes is my new favorite way to read ;)

EmandM said...

So cool! I'd make a story about springtime!

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