Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coming Home is Sweet. So is a Cookbook Winner.

The winner of the Cookie Sensations Cookbook from is Laura F!!  Thanks for your comments and Congrats!

We drove to Nebraska to celebrate Easter with my family in my home town.

It feels so good to come home. 

To sleep across the hall from my Mom and Dad.  To have dinner made for us.

To laugh and be completely myself and feel...well...home.

Upon arriving home this time I could tell my Mom was excited about something.

She hurried me through unpacking our stuff and settling in.

She rushed me through all my ooooohs and aaaahhhs at anything new I spotted on her shelves when normally I would get the hour long story of what a "good deal" it was.

She escorted me down to her "craft cave" and it was in that moment I knew I was destined for something good.

You mom is the most unique, amazing, witty, creative, artistic, spirited, wise, generous, beautiful, delicate, FIRECRACKER you will ever meet and in my heart I knew she had created me something special.

I had no idea.

For the past six months as I have embarked on my journey into the world of cupcakes and confectionery delights, my mom has been archiving my every step of the way. 

She had even saved those pictures I took from my cellphone camera to send her in those "quick" proud moments when I had just finished a new creation! 

The book she put together is beyond words.  I was humbled.

As I looked at each page carefully, I realized what I already knew. 

My mom knows me best.  She is my biggest fan.  My first true 'follower'.

Among her many, many talents, my Mom has found her creative outlet in scrapbooking.  She does this because it allows her to use her talents in a way that brings joy to others.  The definition of giving. 

 Like my mom, I too like doing for others.  Making an impact with positive actions. Hoping to leave my mark on them, hoping to leave a warm memory.

I am very excited for some new changes and sweet additions that will be coming to Sweetology soon!

Here is a little teaser to start:

I made this back in November.  It was one of the FIRST cupcake pictures I took.  The very first thing I grabbed to photograph this mini on was a tea cup saucer. 

Two of my favorite things (after family of course, silly)...cupcakes and teacups!

Get the 411 on this EASY Chocolate Cake and Peanut Butter Frosting Recipe  from Barefoot Contessa by clicking HERE.  I love this recipe!

I piped the top with a whiff of PNB frosting using a Wilton 1M and garnished with a quartered slice of a Reese's PNB Cup.  YUM.

Coming home always makes me reflective.

It also makes me inspired. I feel like I can do anything. No limits.

 Just support, love and home.

Thank you for reading my life in cupcakes today. Thank you Mom, I love you.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom. She is holding my daughter, Sophia Rose who at that time was about 6 months old. I know the picture has a glare and is not the sharpest in quality but I don't care one bit. 
I love this picture.

Here are some more pictures of our time here.....

This is my sweetie bunny, Sophia. We made our version of washcloth bunnies.

I was a rebel and made this sock bunny. Sock bunny likes having tea. 

My mom made these cool decoupaged eggs using a pretty NAPKIN...she rocks.

I thought this was a great idea....put a decorative bunny in a vintage purse and add some Easter grass!  CUTE!!!!

Happy Easter to Everyone!! Coming up next week is a fun idea for our Teachers!

~ Trish


Unknown said...

Oh I love, LOVE the Book! What a great gift to receive. I am dying to know what the "new" things are for us to see on Sweetology!

And Sophia is such a pretty girl!
I am glad it was a good visit.
Happy Easter to you as well!

Anonymous said...

I am so honored to have you feature me on this beautiful blog...but not as honored as I have been to be your mother. Doing things for you girls and giving to you brings me the deepest pleasure. May you feel a gentle, loving hug from your Mom every time you look at your book.

Jennifer said...

Oh lord, you ladies are going to make me cry! I have a very close relationship with my mother as well and she's MY biggest fan. I see us in your writings. Beautiful post, photos, and what a gorgeous scrapbook! xx

Paula said...

What a great mom! You are so truly blessed!

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