Monday, April 25, 2011


Did that get your attention?  Good!  We will discuss boobs in a second.

First of all, hope all had a great Easter!

Whooo hooooo I made the Monday feature on Lark's Country Heart Blog! Check it out by clicking her button below.

Lark's Country Heart

Thanks, Lark!!!

Those little Sweet Tweets are soooo cute and just because Easter is over does NOT mean you can't make a blue bird marshmallow pop!

Click HERE if you missed these cute little edible crafts!

I wanted to let everyone know that I am volunteering for Bloggers Bake For Hope.  

This event is a week long online bake sale from May 1st until Mother's Day with the sole purpose to raise money to support the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. For even MORE information click HERE.

By clicking on the highlighted link above (not the picture) you can view all the goodies for sale and as the winning bidder you will receive the AWESOME treat in the mail AND support Breast Cancer Research!

Never having been a fan of subtlety, I decided to donate these little boobies babies for the event....

I mean, we are raising awareness for boobs right?!

Cancer is serious, I should know...but...laughter is the BEST medicine.
Or is a mojito????  Anyway, I digress.

These boobs are not real, they are sugar cookie boobs frosted with royal icing and decorative sugar pearl necklaces.  I actually made these as a request for a friend who was going to a bachelorette party and had to bring something "naughty".  No problem there.

For the winner at Bloggers Bake for Hope, I am going to add a PINK RIBBON NECKLACE on each one, how cute!

Although these cookies do not have peanuts, I DO NOT have a peanut free home.

If you are visiting this site for details the recipe is adapted from here: Pam at Cookie Crazie.

The Royal Icing is from Meaghan Mountford and can be obtained by clicking HERE.

This is my life in boob sugar cookies for cancer awareness today.  Thanks for reading!

~ Trish

PS - Nobody is going to outbid me on those whoppie pies up for bid at Bloggers Bake for Hope....NOBODY!

The Girl Creative


Unknown said...

Is it weird that when I saw the cookies I grabbed my boobies and gave myself a Breast exam?

LOVE THEM! NEED THEM! WANT THEM! (that was my husband's 2 bit's)


Paula said...

Thats Trish for the Support for Breast Cancer Research! Way to spread it around! Want you to know that we also support Brain Cancer Research and love you for all you do to touch our lives with each and every blog update. You are a true inspiration to the blogging community! Keep it up. We all love and appreciate you!
Paula said...

Fabulous boobies :0) --I will never look at my heart cookie cutters the same again! -- I haven't heard about Bloggers Bake for Hope--such a great idea!

Jennifer said...

I love your boobs!!! What a great post!

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