Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going on a Jet Cupcake Plane!

Hi Friends!

My bags are packed...

(I wish my real bags looked that good!)

And in a matter of hours I will be leaving my home and going from here to here:


I am looking forward too...

Some Fun in the Sun!!

And a little...

I wish you could join me. I plan to visit a few cupcake shops in the area and get my 'eat on' and I am STOKED for that!  Maybe I will do I review for something different and fun.

I like fun.

Keep your cupcake story ideas coming until Monday!  You know you want those markers!  I love them soooooooo much.
Also, thanks for your great comments, I do so appreciate it very much!!

Let me know if you have a blog.  I would love to visit and support you too.

My life in cupcakes today is brought to you by buttercream, classic chocolate cake mix with a side of fondant assisted by the classic cookie cutter.




J Nixon said...
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J Nixon said...

Jealous of your vacation! I've added you to my blogroll, hope that's alright. :)

Paula said...

Adorable Trish! I look forward to your posts, they make me smile! You enjoy your RNR! You deserve it!

Lark (SparkyLarky) said...

Ok..I was so excited for you...(i still am) however when I saw the cup cakes with the R-N-R on them, ( I am laughing at myself here) I understood them to stand for Rock-N-Roll as in a Rock-N-Roll Marathon!

NOW I SEE it stands for Rest and Relaxation! (Duh!)

Either way GO ENJOY your self!

Jessica said...

Very Cute and Creative!

Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say - have a great time and come back inspired! I have another "job" for you that can be a trial run for your princess for next year . . . First Communion! May 1st - are you in??

Anjali said...

Beautiful cupcakes Trisha. Hope you are having good time in Florida. Come back with more creative ideas :)

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