Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pansy Shortbread Cookies

I have become a huge fan of Pinterest.  If you haven't checked it out you really, really should.  It is a visual FEAST for the eyes.  Basically you can "pin" pictures of things you see on your internet travels to "boards" for future reference. 
I just like to pin pretty things that inspire me. 

Recently as I was searching on Pinterest for ideas, I came across this whimsical idea from StoneGable for Pansy Shortbread Cookies.

Needless to say I was mesmerized and knew I had to make these delicate delights!  What a great idea and perfect for a garden themed, spring or summer Tea Party. 

Legend tells us that the pansy was originally white, and blushed bright purple where it was pierced by Cupid's arrow. This accounts for the flower's reputation of bringing thoughts of loved ones.

The pansy is named from the French word "pensee" meaning thoughts, in particular the thoughts of lovers. The myth grew that you could see a loved one in the face of a pansy.

The garden pansy sold at stores today originated in the early 19th century in England. William Thompson, a gardener on the estate of Lord Gambier, began crossing various Viola species with Viola tricolor to make a larger flower with a more pronounced "face." By the 1880s pansies were one of the most popular flowers and remain so to this day. 

Shakespeare's famous character Ophelia used the meaning of the pansy to express herself in Hamlet:

"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray you, love, remember.
And there is pansies, that's for thoughts."

In Victorian times, the language of flowers evolved into a parlor game for sending secret messages to your girlfriend. Books and lists were published giving each flower a meaning. A small bouquet of pansies meant "Think of me."

Pansies are a common edible flower but take caution to ensure you choose pansies that are pesticide free. 

For complete instructions on how to make these for your next garden themed tea party visit StoneGable by clicking HERE. 
I also used petunias for color in addition to the pansies and I added a "dash" of clear almond extract to the pasteurized egg whites when I crystallized the flowers which made for just a lovely taste!

There is also a link on my recipe page (click HERE).  

Out of interest and pure visual joy, put a link on my recipe page to Meadowsweets which is a family owned business recently featured in Victoria Magazine. This company specializes in the art of crystallizing edible blooms and their creations are exquisite! 

I found the information about pansies HERE.

Tea Tip of the Day...When creating a pot of tea, pour hot water into the teapot to warm it while the kettle of water is heating. Discard this water when ready to steep your leaves. This is called priming your teapot! 

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Notes from the Homestead said...

Pretty Trisha!
I just love pansies, they remind me that nature inspires us in so many ways..and they smell so lovely too!

MsFoxsSweets said...

They are adorable! You are really making me want to start having tea parties...and grow pansies!

Barbara F. said...

I love pansies and always plant them every year. I always like the idea of using edible flowers but never tried to "candy" them. I will have to check it out. xo,

Unknown said...

You made these look like they belong in a Shadow Box Frame! Pretty Petal's!
They make me smile! :)

Lynn said...

I just simply love you

Paula said...

Beautiful cookies! So pretty and the perfect treat to serve with a lovely pot of tea.

Sue said...

Gorgeous cookies! ALMOST too pretty to eat! I need to get movin' on pinterest!

Pam said...

These are just beautiful! I found you through a comment you left for Paula and I am so glad that I did - I can't wait to explore the rest of your creations!

Unknown said...

I love these cookies! They are almost too pretty to eat. I imagine that they taste as good as they look.

It's good to see that you didn't melt with the heat this week!

Have a great weekend!

Lorraine said...

Oh, so always have the most wonderful ideas!

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Your cookies are lovely and look delish!!!! It is wonderful knowing the meaning of Pansy, one of my favorite flowers! Thank you and Happy Pink Saturday!

cakewhiz said...

this idea is BRILLIANT and it is perfect for this time of the year since flowers are in full bloom. your cookies look beautiful and so delicate!

i really appreciate that history lesson you shared. i feel so happy when i learn something i didn't know :)

LV said...

I do not cook much anymore, but would really like a batch of those cookies.

Amy said...

These cookies are really pretty and elegant. Thanks for the little history on the pansy, so romantic.

Love your tips on brewing tea! I sure will have a nice tea party with some beautiful cookies and some delicious tea.

Thanks for inviting me to the Tea Party Tuesday. I surely will join the fun. Just became your newest follower so I won't miss it. Please follow back if you're interested. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. See you on Tuesday at the Tea Party!


Martha said...

These look lovely and I will have to make them soon -- I candy pansies as a way to save them to decorate cakes and cupcakes but love the idea of the cookies. I have a few pansies left (they don't like our heat) and may just make some pansy shortbread to use them up!

Johanna said...

Hello Trisha,
I made this cookies from Yvonne's blog once by my own but your look much sweeter with the scalloped edge. Nice done and very intersting informations about pansy. Thank you for sharing all that.
Best greetings, Johanna

Trish said...

Oh wow- these are so very pretty!!
Thank for linking this to LACE - it's so nice to see you there :-)
And thank you for the great information about edible flowers and the meanings Victorians placed on different blossoms.
So very interesting!
Have a blessed weekend...Trish

baxter bunny said...

My two favorite meals...cookies and flowers! They are beautiful. I just discovered Pinterest as well and I just started a page and I've done a little browsing. It's a great idea instead of keeping bookmarks for everything. I like how it showcases your tastes. I can't wait to have my own house so I can grow pansies!
My name is Baxter and I'm a bunny. I linked over from the Yummy Friday Linky Party. Have a wonderful weekend!

Miz Helen said...

Your cookies are beautiful! This is an art form and you have it perfected. Great photos! Thanks for sharing and have a great week end!
Miz Helen

Yummy Mummy said...

Hi! These are SO beautiful. I love the idea and will definitely make these the next time I serve tea treats. Thanks for linking this up at the Yummy Friday linky party! I'm now following your lovely blog.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those are gorgeous looking cookies.

Late bloghopping for PF. would you mind peeking at my Pink Pixie? Thanks!

Carol at Serendipity said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have always loved pansies (and violas, violets and johnny jump ups).

I love Pinterest and I am spending way too much time on this computer!

Cookies look scrumptious.


Tiff said...

Those cookies look scrumptious! I love using flowers in cooking!
Pinterest is fab isn't it?! X

Lynn said...

I have to chuckle, when I first saw your pic I thought "oh, Yvonne made cookies like that". Yours turned out very pretty:@)

The French Hutch said...

Those are such pretty cookies, and I'm sure they must be delicious too. These would be perfect for teas, showers and other sumer fun parties. Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting over from Seasonal Sundays.

The French Hutch

Jacqueline said...

These are realy gorgeous! I had to pull all of my pansies up with the heat, but transplanted two so I could still cook with them. I loved sugaring them and have done cupcakes with sugared pansies on them. They were my first posts and I still have them on my sidebar, that's how much I loved them.

I am going to have to try the cookies too. Your colors are just incredible.

I have signed up for pinterest but haven't got going yet! You have inspired me!

Melissa said...

Oh my, those are absolutely works of art!

Marti McClure said...

Thank for all of the interesting facts about pansies! Your cookies are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti

Marlis said...

love love those cookies.. Oh my I will have to remember this the next time the ladies are over! happy sunday, many blessings, marlis

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...


bertie said...

Hi Trisha! Thanks so much for stopping by "bertie blooms" and becoming a made my day! When I saw your blog, I knew I had to follow back as I am always up for loving some sweets! I will be checking back often! Sweet blessings to you! bertie

moogie said...

Lovely.... absolutely lovely.

Jori said...

Those cookies are gorgeous! You are right,pinterest is the greatest! :) hugs

GardenOfDaisies said...

These look wonderful! I'm going to have to spend some time looking back at your past posts and wonderful recipes! Be sure to stop by my blog... I'm having a tea cozy giveaway.

♥ Miss Tea said...

oh wow what a beautiful story abt pansy, i just found out! thanks for sharing and lovely cookies too! i think im gonna check pinterest as it seems so interest hehehe...thanks for the tips too on tea! x susan

Gene of Corbitoness said...

I am not familiar with pansy but the idea of it being included in bread is just something I have to try someday.

Visiting via Pink Fridays. Hope you can do the same.

Hello Patrick Star!

The Tablescaper said...

Oh these do look totally delicous and lovely to look at. I don't think I'd want to eat them as it might ruin the beauty! LOL!

Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Wow, I've never seen anything like it before! Pretty cookies and I am SURE they are SWEET!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

This is so perfect. I love everything about your post. I've also become a fan of looking at Pinterest. Have yet to join for fear of wasting even more time. Lovely tip about using almond extract. Thank you for linking at Monday, Mmm.

Unknown said...

Those look too good to eat!! I'm sure they taste great! I am hosting a baking linking on my blog today! I would love for you to come and share your recipe with my readers!!

Happy Tuesday! said...


Angela McRae said...

Very pretty! An old friend of mine has a son with Down syndrome and has said before that pansies remind her of his sweet face. She would enjoy some of these cookies!

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