Tuesday, December 20, 2011

North Pole Snickerdoodles with a visit from Mr. Sugar Cone Santa

North Pole Snickerdoodles

Sooooo......I made some snickerdoodles
the other day and they kinda looked funny.

I used the recipe I found on all recipes
that you can find by clicking HERE.

They ended up sorta FLAT, but tasted super good.
Truth be told, I am a box baker. 
Not a scratch baker, per se. 

So...I was looking at these flat doodles and said 
to myself, "Self, you need to FANCY these
FLAT doodles up, they look pathetic." 

oh that poor poor pathetic snickerdoodle

So self took the challenge and used some left
over royal icing (because I am cool like the cookie
ladies now and have that stuff just laying around) and 
piped on some cloud puffs with my #18 tip and 
slapped on a nice mini candy cane stick with a mini
M&M on top. Then, I cut out that north pole label from a
FREE DOWNLOAD found Here at One Charming Party.

Then I sat back and said, "YOU DA BOMB!"

Then, with all my NEW confidence and being inspired by 
this felt cone Santa I saw on Pinterest...
felt craft santa how to found by clicking here

I turned this 
pathetic little sugar cone......

into this.....

I just dipped the cone into melted red chocolate candy
coating from Wilton and when dry added the fondant details.


For those interested, I generally use
Sweet Sugarbelle's Royal Icing 
(the reduced size one)
Recipe Found HERE.

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Unknown said...

These are Adorable!!!

MsFoxsSweets said...

Well arent you just Miss Awesome now! I love these cookies, so super cute and the Santa is totally adorable!

Lisa said...

So, so cute! I particularly love the Santa. He kind of reminds me of the little elf people that Vanessa makes at A Fanciful Twist (that is a compliment by the way). Since you are now a cool cookie lady, you will have a perpetual supply of left over icing. Hard to throw it out isn't it?
You are da bomb!

Unknown said...

Santa is awesome! I've never made a snikerdoodle before but I'm told they are good and yours look delish

Unknown said...

So super adorable, I love your Santa.
I'm guilty of never even tasting Snikernoodles, I've been meaning to make them for ages now!
Happy holidays!

Unknown said...

You are on a roll! Keep them coming!! :)

Anna at the Doll House said...

Your Santa is amazing. You really are a magician with sugar.


Jocelyn said...

You are da bomb!!! How fun are the cookies and the santa cone!!!!

Brenda said...

Well, look at you!! Aren't you the MOST CREATIVE!! Snickerdoodles are my son's favorite!! Flat or not!! I think he would really enjoy these. What a creative way to touch them up. The Santa is delightful and so yummy looking.
Merry Christmas,

Lora said...

These are so adorable and inspired! Love them.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

That is such a creative way to decorate a cookie! I love these. So cute!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

You are too funny! Not only do I enjoy your creative ways with sweets, but your delivery is a hoot! ;)

Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday again this week. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Paula said...

You ARE da BOMB!

Unknown said...

Awesome, awesome! What a terrific save of the 'doodles.

Very glad you came back and shared with our Pin'inspiration Party this week :-)

Miss Lego said...

Oh wow, what you did with the sugar cone is awesome, girl! you should do this professionally and make some money out of it. You are very talented

MsFoxsSweets said...

Congrats again your adorable Santa is also being featured at Mrs Foxs Sweet Party today :)

Marilyn said...

Thanks SO much for linking this awesome goodies to Pin'Inspirational Thursday last week.. I ADORE IT & Kinda wanna just eat it up.. lol.. I featured YOU today!! Hope you can stop in and snag a button as you where one of the FAV five from the party.. THANKS AGAIN.. **WISHING YOU A SPECTACULAR NEW YEAR** Cheers to much success in 2012.. Xoxoxo..M

Beth @ Hungry Happenings said...

I love taking craft ideas and turning them into edible crafts. Your Santa is wonderful and tasty too, I'm sure!

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