Monday, April 11, 2011

Peep Stew Pictorial, a WINNER and a PEEP GIVEAWAY....whew!

Hi Peeps.

Want to know how to make "Peep Stew"?

Thought so.

I have to give "props" to one of my blogger "peeps" for inspiring the idea. Please visit Christy at From Glitter to Gumdrops for her great bunny stew. 

Once I saw it, the clouds parted, the angels sang and I knew instantly I loved this gal.

I also knew I had to adapt it "cupcake style". 

First grab your favorite color Peep.  Mine is pink.

Bake a Cupcake and call it a "Pot" to make your "Stew" in.  

Stick your poor unsuspecting Peep in the Stew...

Poor guy, he has NO idea what is in store for him.

Next, for added cuteness, make a fondant spoon. 
(feel free to omit this cuteness)

Now, what do you need to make a great stew? 

Classic stew ingredients of course!  Peas, carrots, tomato, barley, salt, pepper, name a few. 

I know you could think of many, many more great ideas.

At some point you will need to introduce your Peep to the stew ingredients.

What are you waiting for??  Add your desired ingredients to the stew!

YUM!  Enjoy.

My daughter and I had a blast putting this together. 

We think this would be a fun edible craft project for Easter Weekend.

Or, in our case, a Peep inspired impromptu Tea Party.  We need little excuse for a Tea Party at our house.

On another FUN note, let me tell you who I chose for the second set of Americolor Markers.  Thank you for all the great cupcake story ideas. 

I chose LARK (Sparky Larky) from Lark's Country Heart because I happen to be partial to the cancer plight.  I am a cancer fighter and so far brain tumor survivor. Her passion for breast cancer research and support inspires me.  Visit her blog, you will be inspired too.

I hope this Peep Stew inspires you to think of what YOU could do with a box of Peeps. 

Short on ideas?  That's ok!  This book will help you out!

Just leave a comment and tell me your favorite color Peep.   

I will use and this book will ship to you via

I appreciate your comments very much. Please feel free to share this on facebook, twitter or with your friends. 

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I have also linked up to Hoosier Homemade and Tasty Tuesday

~ Trish


Lee said...

I love the classic yellow peeps! thanks for the lovely giveaway and the cute peep stew idea!

Pams Party said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peeps! I dont have a preference for colors, I love them all.. LOL!

Jessica said...

Thanks for passing on the great idea!! Pink Peeps are the bomb!!

Malea Gardner said...

Love the peeps!

Sue said...

Love the idea! Blue peeps are a favorite here.

Paula said...

My daughter and I are going to do this!!!! Totally fun! Only we are going to use PURPLE Peeps! Gr8 fun! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

CJnRylen0910 said...

I love the Blue ones! They are my favorite! ♥

Unknown said...

Trish, I swear I must have known you in heaven! YOU are the AMAZING ONE! I love YOUR drive, passion, and fight! I will carry your spirit with me on the Relay for Life I am doing this weekend.

Now, Oh my heck...I WON! I Won! I Won!..(see me take a huge bow & do the running man)

You so sweet, thank you I am way excited to Make me some minions Cup cakes..they are so freaking cute!

Unknown said...

I am a fan of the blue because they turn your tongue that color ;)

Jennifer said...

I love the pink ones, hot pink looks hilarious when it's all gluey on my two babies!! :)

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hi Sweet Peep!
I personally love yellow, I know...boring right?? Wrong! Traditional, classic, and just plain Easter-y... Thanks for the fun ideas!!!
Love ya!

Anjali said...

Very cute! they are so cute I'll like them in any color :)

Christy said...

Looove the cupcakes, and thanks for the link. You are thoughtful! As for the COURSE...I mean, they are obviously superior in flavor....right? right?

Unknown said...

LOVE the Picture!!! :)

YOU BOTH look fabulous!

annies home said...

these are adorable

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