Saturday, January 26, 2013


The simplest of things are often the best of things.

We have had a lot of great adventures lately.

Life has been busy but very entertaining!
Today we had a chance to sit and relax.

I surprised Sophia with a quick little
"tea party" while we watched a movie and
snuggled on the couch this afternoon. 

Simple Act.

Big Impact.

And that is what the good times are all about. 

Have a joyful week. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ice Skating Cupcakes

Ice Skating Cupcakes

I haven't posted since Christmas
and I thought I better get something
out there before the dust really settles here!

I made these awhile back for a sweet
little girl celebrating her golden birthday.

She loves to ice skate!

I really loved how delicate these turned out. 
The little scarf and ice skate were so cute. 

Things are very busy around here, in 
a good way! We have been skiing a lot as
we prepare ourselves for our trip to Alaska in March
and my husband surprised me with the announcement
that in May we will be spending a week 
in Cape Town, South Africa! HOLY COW!!! 
What a way to celebrate 10 years of marriage. 

I am also gearing up soliciting donations and 
helping to oversee my daughter's school 2nd annual
Gala event in May so it will be a very busy few months!

I hope the New Year has brought much joy and
happiness for all of you and wishing everyone wonderful
adventures in 2013 and beyond. 

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