Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lilly Oncology - Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Words

I saw this most beautiful picture created by a cancer patient in the Lilly Oncology - Oncology on Canvas book. 
This book was given to my Mother-in-Law who was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. The book is something amazing. 

This picture and statement by the artist, grabbed my heart.   

Tilted: No Words
Written by the artist: 
"I was 21 when cancer disrupted by life. I was in college, in love and unstoppable. But in the months that followed my diagnosis and treatment, I lost my hair, my invincibility and the boy I thought I would marry. I held on to the hope that I would pick up the pieces of myself when it was all over. But I couldn't. I kept my cancer a secret. Ultimately, I realized I needed to tell my story and wrote it all down, 150 pages later, I found I had finally untangled myself from cancer's grip. I said goodbye; goodbye past, goodbye pain, goodbye cancer. I've won and that means that you lose. I am finally free!"

I had to share it here because I think I could have wrote
the exact same words when I was diagnosed.  

It just reached off the page and touched my soul.  
I want to save this forever. 

Sometimes other people say it best. 

I am still looking to untangle myself, and now my 
sweet Mother-in-Law.....and I won't give up
until we are all finally free. 

Lilly Oncology - Oncology on Canvas is a national art competition and exhibition honoring the journey of those affected by cancer both as patient, survivor, family or health care provider. 
Quite Beautiful. 

Here is a link: Lily Oncology

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