Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grinch Heart Pudding Cookies - No Bake

Grinch Heart Pudding Cookies

What you need:
1. Keebler Shortbread Cookies
2. Pistachio Pudding Mix (Instant)
3. Whole Milk
4. Candy Hearts

How to:
1. Make pudding using only 1 1/4 cup milk. Whip till firm. 
2. Use small scoop to place pudding on shortbread cookie
3. Place heart in center of cookie!
4. Refrigerate or serve immediately. 

Easy, Cute, Fun

Photo Credit

Inspired by these awesome Grinch cookies seen Here at Katrina's Kitchen

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Holiday Snowman Beanbag Toss Game + Christmas Class Party Ideas

DIY Snowman Beanbag Toss

Actually our beanbags were 
marshmallows and looked
a little like this:
Image from Kraft Website

2 Large White Canvas Boards 
Orange, Black and Pink Paint or Sharpies

How To:
We used various objects to trace the eyes, hole in center as well as for the cheeks. 
We also used a dinner plate to help guide his cheerful smile. 
I did outline him in pencil before we got started. 

It was easy to cut the center hole. I just punched
through the center of the circle and 
easily worked my way around. 

We did use a black sharpie on his mouth
rather than paint and I am glad we did. 

Easy and Fun.

You can attach some wood blocks with
glue to the back if you want to keep it propped up however, they work great just propped up with books!

This is one of the games Sophia's class
will be playing at their Christmas party. 
Here are some other fun games we will play:

1. Stack red & green solo cups into a
Christmas tree - relay game

2. Toss little stuffed elves into large 
Christmas bags  - relay game

3. "Hot Santa" (aka Hot Potato) - toss a stuffed Santa around to music and when the music stops the one who has the Santa is OUT!

4. Draw a Reindeer - Topsy Turvy - in this fun and easy game the kids place paper plates on their head and then try to draw a Reindeer face or you can have them choose something else, maybe a Snowman?

5. Christmas Pictionary - have the kids try to draw out scenes to classic Christmas songs or items from the holidays! This is always a hit!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

No Bake Iced Oatmeal Snowman Cookies

No Bake Iced Oatmeal
Snowman Cookies

Looking for another quick and
easy edible craft for the Holidays?

Want to wow your friends and neighbors
with your cute decorating skills in NO time? 

Read on...

You will need:
Package of Iced Oatmeal Cookies
Wilton Snowman Decoration Kit
Clear Corn Syrup

All you have to do is place the 
Snowman kit decorations on the 
iced oatmeal cookies with a toothpick
and a small amount of corn syrup! EASY!
I used the left over orange royal icing from our
Snowman Nose Cookies in a Jar.

If you can't find the Snowman decoration kit
you could easily use Mini M&Ms in brown for 
the eyes and mouth as well as an orange tic tac for
the nose. A fruit roll up cut in strips would make a
 great scarf and there you go! POOF! Cuteness.

Hope you like it!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Target Store Christmas Scavenger Hunt + Christmas Lights I Spy Links!

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday, I took Sophia and a few friends
out for dinner and to look at Christmas lights. 

They had a BLAST!

We started out at Target for the girls to pick out an item for Toys for Tots. 

They were also surprised to find out that I created a Target Store Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

Just Copy and Paste into Word Document or email me for image. 

1. No running and/or screaming :)
2. Be polite
3. Must take photo with item - "Christmas Selfie"
4. Alternate who is in the picture each time. 
5. Have FUN!
6. On your mark......get set..........GO!

I gave them about 30 minutes & set the timer on Sophia's phone. It was a blast to watch them, they did a great job and had a lot of fun! 


Next, we went around the cities looking at the best holiday light displays. I found some great ideas for Christmas light scavenger hunts on Pinterest and included the links here below:

The Taylor House

Link to Layers of Learning and Download

There are TONS on Pinterest as well!

I thought maybe as 5th graders, they might be "too cool" for something like this, but honestly it was a great time! We sang songs, drank hot chocolate and made some great memories. 

Amazing Synchronized Light Show - Clearwater, MN Lights

Great Synchronized Lights in Eden Prairie, MN

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snowman Nose Cookies in a Jar

Snowman Noses 
Cookies in a Jar!!

 We were inspired Disney's Olaf and the 
scene where he loses his NOSE:

And going back through my past
posts one of the most popular of ALL time
were my GRINCH PILLS in a jar!


So we merged the idea!

In an effort to keep things
fast & easy, I used store bought
mini round sugar cookies and I
cut them with a sharp knife into 
little triangle shapes. 

These cookies would work great!

We then used Betty Crocker cookie icing
in white and colored some orange.

Photo Credit: WalMart

It worked great!

Using a Wilton tip #2, we piped
out the noses and covered them 
with some orange sugar to add sparkle!

We decided to add a cute
Snowman cookie face 
at the top of jar!

The cookie face was made with the
same Betty Crocker Icing in White. 
The nose was made from the orange icing
left over from making all the little noses.
Once dry, we added the eyes and mouth with an Americolor Edible food writer in black. 

You could easily add a orange tic tac for the nose
and food coloring applied with a toothpick. 

The link to the printable we
used can be found by clicking 

Hope you like this fun idea!

Making Sweet Memories,
Sophia & Mom 
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hostess Ho Ho Reindeer - EASY! NO BAKE!

Hostess Ho Ho Reindeer Treats!

Here is what we used:
Hostess Ho Ho's
 Reindeer Cupcake Decorating Kit from Wilton
Small Sugar Google Eyes from Wilton
Red Sixlet's for Nose
Our Imagination!

We did use a bit of Edible Gold Glitter
spray on the girl's antlers for added

If you can't find the Wilton Kit, you can use the 
following items for your reindeer face:
*Pretzels for Antlers
*Mini marshmallows cut in half for eyes
*Food coloring can be applied to mini marshmallow with 
toothpick to get eye color in center of marshmallow
*Red M&M for nose

These are really so easy and fun. We whipped 
up a whole box of these and the clean up was 
a BREEZE! I love NO BAKE items for those
busy working days when we want to make
a fun treat but time is limited. 
Anyone can do this, and if you make these
we would LOVE to hear from you!

Please Pin & Share!!

Making Sweet Memories,

Sophia & Mom 

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