Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fancy Nancy Cupcakes


I was asked by a good friend to make some
fun "Fancy Nancy" inspired cupcakes for her
sweet daughter's 5th birthday.

Having not really done much "cupcaking" lately,
this request was perfect to pull me out of my slump.

Although the designs were not elaborate, unique or made
following many hours of painstakingly molding 
individual fondant works of sculpted art, 
I was still VERY pleased with how they turned out.  

As a matter of fact, they were a ton of
FUN to make! Plus, this family is pretty awesome too!

I purchased the printable cupcake toppers
on Etsy, for cheap HERE!

The other embellishments came from either the dollar store
or the dollar bin at Target or Wal-Mart in the party aisle. 

The cupcakes were old fashioned chocolate but the
FROSTING was nothing else but...

This was the first time I used the Duncan Hines
flavor add-ins and I was very pleased at this flavor.

I love Fancy Nancy, part of me feels we are
"sisters from another mister"....HA!

As always, recipes can be found on my recipes 
page by clicking right HERE!

Take Care!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Olympic Torch Cupcake Cones

What ya need:
Cake Mix
Ice Cream Cones
Fruit Roll-ups
Yellow food coloring

What ya need to do:

Mix up cake mix

Place ice cream cones in high baking dish
(I used 2 bread/loaf pans)

Spoon cake mix in ice cream cones until 2/3 full

Bake @ 350 for 30 min (oven times vary)
*After 20 min, I took my cones out of the oven
and moved them around in the pan for even baking*

Let cool

Mix up yellow frosting

Pipe on some yellow (I used 1M wilton tip)

Cut fruit roll up to have a "flame-like" appearance

Wrap around toothpick to get it to stick up 
nice and tall like a flame should

Poke into cupcake torch center!!

Sit back and admire your creative genius!!


These cupcakes probably are not new or unique in concept. I haven't been "around" the sweet blogs lately to see what has been posted for the Olympics but I am excited to see what has been put out by some amazing blogs I frequent. I have been occupied lately by some new and quite interesting adventures but I will always come back to the "sweet" things in my life eventually.....

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