Monday, June 15, 2015

Black Forest Ham Quiche - Tea Party Favorite

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday!

This week I would like to share an all time Tea Party favorite, a super yummy QUICHE!

This Black Forest Ham Quiche is so rich and creamy. I found the recipe one day searching online & could hardly resist when the title read, "Our Famous Black Forest Ham Quiche". 

The recipe is adapted from An Afternoon to Remember Fine Tea and Gifts Website. Click on the link for the recipe! 

I made this the last time my SWEET mother was in town and it turned out wonderful. Very dense and the flavors just burst out in your mouth!  The addition of a bit of rosemary was wonderful. 

I love to pair a heavy quiche like this with a light salad or fresh fruit. 

A great tea choice for this decadent quiche would be one of my all time favorites, Harney & Sons Paris divine. 

Hope you enjoy this recipe and make sure you stop and make time for tea this week!

Photo Credit - So Gorgeous, I want this!!!!


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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ice Cream Cone Puppies (and Monkeys!)

Welcome to Inspiration Thursday!!

This week I was inspired to make these CUTE ice cream cones that look like little puppies!



I was inspired by Beth at Hungry Happenings who has made some super cute ice cream cone creations. 

Sophia and I made her Monkey ice cream cones this weekend and it was a blast. For her easy how to click on her link above. 
They were so fun to make and the neighbor kids loved them too. 

Just a monkey, hanging in the trees. 

And did I mention super easy and delicious!

Sophia and I are now obsessed with decorating our ice cream cones so be prepared for some more cute creations as the summer goes on. 

To make Ice Cream Cone Puppies:

1. Nutter Butters
2. M&M candies (or something similar)
3. Edible Food Writer in Black
4. Nilla Wafers
5. Candy Eyes (Wilton) 
6. Chocolate Ice Cream & Cones 

First draw your little nose shape on your Nilla Wafer and adhere the candy for the nose. We used some left over frosting but corn syrup would work as well. Also, if you don't have candy eyes, you can use small marshmallows cut in half and put a little black eye on with your edible writer or chocolate frosting. 

Now get your Nutter Butters ready to go!

Scoop out ice cream into cone and decorate with nose piece, eyes and ears as shown. 

Simple, cute and fun to do. Perfect for summer. 

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Tea Time Tuesday - Easy Individual Puff Pastry Egg Bakes

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday!

This week I am sharing a very fast and fancy way to serve basic scrambled eggs. 

This tea party food is very easy to put together and the presentation looks like you have been hard at work for hours. 


All you need is some Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Shells  & your favorite scrambled egg recipe. At our house we love a bit of cheese and ham in ours so that is what this cook whipped up!

Once you have baked up your pastry shells, scramble your eggs and layer inside as you wish! Little garnish for added cuteness.  

Now enjoy with your favorite cup of tea! Delightful!

Tea party food does not need to be fussy. For more great ideas for your next tea time, visit my recipe idea page HERE

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Inspiration Thursday - The Gift of an Imperfect Life

I would like to give you a gift. 

The gift of an imperfect life. 

Link to Amazon - Not Affiliate Link

An imperfect life by jodi hills 
An awesome collection of inspirational thoughts, short stories and celebrations of imperfection. A must read and share.  Sweet little book. 

In the world today, one can often feel bombarded with what the social media and interwebs define as "perfect". More, more, more.....

I love this card from Emily McDowell Studio she nails it here:
"I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet. It's so hard, isn't it? The downside of having so much access to inspiration and information at our fingertips is that it's easy to get caught up in how amazing/accomplished/fun other people's lives appear. It's a trap! WE can't compare our real lives to other people's carefully curated highlight reels. It's just not the same thing."

I bought 10 of these. 

The little book above and these simple cards, started a beautiful exploration and celebration of "imperfection".  It also started an important dialogue with my daughter that has been very moving. Sharing this book with her and hearing her thoughts was priceless. 

Here are some other inspirations for people who, like me, need to know that being imperfect is OK. 

Amazon Link - Not Affiliate

Its a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life by Joan C. Webb 
A great little book of devotions for those of us who have to make sure "everything is perfect".  Loved it. 

The Gifts of Imperfection. Brene' Brown
I just started this book but I am excited and already inspired. Brene' Brown has another book that looks great called Daring Greatly. She has a wonderful blog I highly recommend you can find HERE.

Made my me....

The links to amazon here are for your FYI and are NOT affiliate links.  I get no credit or kick backs from any clicks or purchases. 

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