Monday, October 31, 2011

Stained Glass Cookies ~ A Tribute to my Grandma Dorothy Dyas for Tea Party Tuesday

In Memory...
Dorothy Dyas
9/23/17 - 10/16/11

Happy Tea Party Tuesday!

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful guest
for tea this week, my late grandmother, Dorothy Dyas.

My Dad's mom recently passed away at 
the wonderful age of 94

In my opinion, that is one AWESOME, long life.

There is so much one could say about this woman, 
she was a force to be reckoned with and never
took "NO" for an answer, ever. 

She wasn't the kind of grandma you would
cuddle up with and read stories or bake cookies,
but that is OK.

I learned many other things from 
watching her live her life.

Like follow your passions.

And NEVER, EVER let a disease define you.

My Grandma suffered from
Parkinsons Disease for several years.

For as long as I have memories of her, I 
remember her head and hands shaking.

But despite that she made a second
career out of fashioning stained glass
and traveled all over the United States
winning awards for her work. 

This is my piece from Grandma...inspired by a 1920's Vogue Cover

My Grandmother created art
up until the last few months of her
life. She traded in the stained glass several years 
ago for paper, paint and beautiful mosaics.

A few years ago, she was featured in our
hometown be inspired, click HERE.

She loved these elegant lady profiles and BIG HATS!

James, Sophia and I drove to Nebraska for
her funeral the weekend of Oct 22nd. 
I was honored to read at her memorial service. 

It was also the first time I had seen the 
stained glass windows she created and donated
to her church when they remolded several years ago. 

The two windows in front here were made by my Grandma - I wish I had a better picture!!

When we got home, Sophia and I made
Stained Glass Cookies 
for tea this week in her honor. 

We talked about the beauty of colors
and light and how each person can see 
the world in a different way.

And that is a very good thing.

Excuse the cookie imperfections...I am a cookie newbie!!!

I used a new sugar cookie recipe that 
I LOVED - it held it's shape so great and hardly spread.

Now, I am sure you can tell on your own,

I am a CUPCAKE & TEA PARTY person.

I really would love to learn sugar cookies and
royal icing better, but I will just have to leave it up 
to my friends like LisaHaniCallye, Meaghan

However, I really like how these 
turned out. I used a cookie recipe I found HERE.  

To make the stained glass effect, I crushed
up jolly ranchers and placing the cookies
to bake on a greased foil lined baking sheet
I let them bake for about 4 minutes.  I then placed the
crushed candy into the cut out area and baked
for 3-4 more minutes or until the cookies were
done and the candy was melted. 

Here is a basic tutorial that I modified a bit - HERE.

I was inspired by the Rose Window of Notre Dame and went crazy!

God is Good.

So are flowers.....

 And so is TEA!!!

I found this cup at a flea market in Cross Lake, MN with my Mom-in-law!!

I am brewing up Toffee Delight!!!
It is so warm and nutty...just like me! 

I think I made the rounds to everyone last week,
it was a great party and I appreciate everyone who
takes the time and links up.

I know the time it takes to join a linky 
party properly so I raise my teacup to YOU!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Trish - I am so sorry at the loss of your beloved grandmother. What a long and full life she lived - artistic, creative, and loved. Her stained glass is beautiful - love your Vogue cover interpretation. I am sure she has personal memories of those fashionable days when ladies wore hats and all manner of tasteful attire.

Your cookie tribute to her is very clever - jolly ranchers - who'd a'thunk it?! YOU, obviously! Really lovely - though you apologized too much. Love all your creations. It would seem you inherited some of your grandmother's artistic talents - just expressed in a more delicious medium.

Be ye comforted - and joyful in Him!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh what a special and loving post in honor of your Grandmother. She sounds like such a lovely and special lady indeed. Your cookies are fabulous. I think they are perfect. Thanks so much for joining the party and for sharing such a touching story. Hugs, marty


I am so sorry for your loss! That was a beautiful post.

Amanda @ Traditional Foods said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you and thanks for hosting. I posted a review of probiotic chocolate and feeling a bit lukewarm about it.

Barbara F. said...

What a lovely tribute post for your grandmother. She is smiling down at you I am sure. I love your stained glass cookies. You will be a cookie diva in no time at all!! Your grandmother made beautiful stained glass art. I love the art deco lady. xo


What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady your granmother was. Oh...the stained glass cookies are gorgeous, never seen anything as fabulous as them! I love the art deco lady, your granma was a talented lady and she must be smiling at her granddaughter's talent as well. Thank you for sharing and for hosting. Hugs,

Kirsten said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. What a beautiful post......she sounded like a wonderful and talented lady!

My Cozy Corner said...

What a wonderful post. The cookies are beautiful as I'm sure your grandmother was also.
Thank you for having this great party. I love cupcakes too. But sometimes it's fun to make cookies. Around Christmas is my favorite time.

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

What a nice tribute post! Thanks for hosting xo

♥ Miss Tea said...

What a wonderful tribute for your grandma! what a special, creative, talented lady she was! i love her creations, stunning! and i'll say your cookies are PERFECT! love the colorful glass effects on them, thanks for sharing the recipe and the lovely post as well as hosting another tea party! Hugs and Love, Susan

the decorated cookie said...

I love your Grandma, even having never met her! Your cookies are just amazing, they turned out perfectly! And I love that your Grandma was an brilliant artist, because you have these pieces of her that last forever, these beautiful, tangible expressions of her. Sniff. Love this post.

Lisa said...

I am sorry for the loss of this special person in your life. You can be sure she is smiling down on you and your wonderful tribute to her. Anytime I hear about a woman who discovers a new talent later in life, it just delights me. Her stained glass is AWESOME and so are your cookies! Aren't they FUN to do? Wish we could spend a day together with me getting help with the cupcakes, and you the cookies (not that you need it - you do a great job)

Anonymous said...

From Your Mom...Grandma Dorothy is smiling right now...and, I'm sure, has begun to work on a new stained glass piece (with her hands not shaking) for the Lord's Glorious Cathedral. She was certainly a very strong woman! Love you, Your Mom

Karyn said...

Thanks for the linky party. I love sharing here! I've tried stain glass cookies only to NOT put a liner underneath and ended up with a mess. I'm gonna try again this Christmas!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Dear Trisha,
What an amazing lady your grandmother was and you've written her a wonderful tribute! She was a very talented woman and you have certainly taken after her in the artistic department. How lovely that there are stained glass windows to honour her memory and achievements.
I think your cookies are wonderful and so very pretty too. Thank you for sharing with us today and have a delightful week, my friend.


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a special, loving tribute to your wonderful, beautiful grandma. Your cookies were a work of art to honor her. You're such an inspiration to your daughter & to us, Trish.

Cooking for My Kids said...

What a beautiful post and wonderful tribute to your grandma. I love the cookies. You are an amazingly talented lady.

Paula said...

My sincere condolences on the loss of your grandmother. A life certainly well lived and well loved! Her talents were many and very impressive. To have made the stained glass windows for her church was a beautiful gift and her memory will live on in that parish just as it will with all those who were blessed to know her. She is certainly a source of inspiration for you and your tribute to her is beautiful. I see from reading the article that you and her both had a talent for great creative writing. Seems as if being writers and collectors of beautiful things runs in your family. Wonderful job on the stained glass cookies.

VintageMom said...

Great, inspiring post! I linked a new recipe for allergy-free macaroons, but I'm having trouble with my link-backs (long story involving a power outage and an iPad) but as soon as I figure out how to fix the problem I'll add the link!

Lisa@ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery

Marie said...

Hello Trish - what a wonderful story you have told about your grandmother. It sounds like she passed on a lot of lovely traits to you, which you will probably pass on to your daughter as well.

Love the stained glass cookies you made! Have not seen those before...they are beautiful and I'm sure yummy too!

Antiques And Teacups said...

What an encouraging and inspiring post. My husband has Parkinsons but it hasn't slowed him down much either. What a wonderful leagacy of memories from a talented woman. Her art is wonderful. And I love your stained glass cookies!

Hope said...

What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. She sounds like such a remarkable woman.

Jocelyn said...

What a very lovely tribute to your grandmother. She sounds like she was a wonderful lady. My MIL is 90 years old, and has been on the decline for the last 3 1/2 years. She was a china painter and now is stricken with Parkinson's.

Jocelyn @

Sugar Swings said...

love those cookies!! last time i tried this i burned the candy!

MsFoxsSweets said...

So sorry for your loss. 94 is an awesome long life! Such beautiful stained glass she made and your cookies are so beautiful in honor of her!

Brittney said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. But what a beautiful life she lived and legacy she left! I love how you honored her in this post. The cookies are so pretty. What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Your cookies are beautiful as is your grandmother. I'm sorry for your loss. Sounds like she led a very full life. Your cookies are such a nice way to remember her!

Victorian Garden Tea Room said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen such beautiful cookies! I don't know if I could eat them... I want to frame them :)

Wanda Lee said...

Dearest Trish,

What a heartwarming, beautiful and loving tribute to your lovely grandmother! I am so sorry for your loss dear lady!

She sounds like she was a true renaissance woman with a heart of gold, very creative, giving and loving. What a legacy she has left with a long life, well lived!..,

Your cookies are a yummy masterpiece!

May God bless, keep and comfort you during this time of loss. I am heartened by your celebration of her precious life!

Hugs and love from Wanda Lee

Angela McRae said...

Your stained glass cookies are beautiful, and thank you for sharing the link to the great article about your grandmother. She was amazing!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Trisha
My sympathy to you and family on the loss of your grandmother. My, she was a talented lady, her stained glass art is awesome.
Your cookies turned out really nice as part of the tribute to her.

Tea & Chocolate Guy said...

Trisha; You were so blessed to have shared your life with such a wonderful inspiring woman!! Your Grand Mother continues to bring warmth, love, encouragement and inspiration to others, through you... Your tribute to her is perfect... I'm certain she is tipping her hat to you, from above...many hugs and blessings, xo HHL

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Trisha, I am so sorry for your loss. These cookies are a wonderful tribute to her. Thanks for hosting and also for linking these beautiful cookies up to Crazy Sweet Tuesday.

Unknown said...

Hey Trish, hugs from me! Losing a grandparent sucks but you're right, she lived an awesome life!

I love your stained glass cookies, they are awesome.

Patty said...

What beautiful stained glass! Love the cookies too! I've added the Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Those are the prettiest stained glass cookies I've ever seen! Pat

Erin said...

Fantastic cookies! I love the multi colored stained glass.

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. The cookies are stunning!

Kathy said...

I felt I had joined your party, but come to find out I hadn't - weird - so glad it is still up! I am sure I commented - one of those weeks!

Tardevil said...

What a nice post to honor your grandmother. So sorry for your loss. The cookies are really pretty (love the stained glass effect).

parTea lady said...

Your Grandmother sounds like she was a really inspiring lady. Sorry for your loss.

I love your stained glass cookies - very creative. Thanks for the recipe.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Trish, I'm so sorry you have lost your beautiful grandma. This is a lovely post and lovely stained glass cookies for her memory. I see she was a sacred artist too which is so special. Her stained glass windows will continue to honor our Lord and bless His people here on earth, and I have faith that she will be using her talents in Heaven too. May God bless you and yours.

The Tablescaper said...

I cannot imagine a more perfect cookie to pay tribute to your grandmother. She sounds like an amazing women that lived an amazing life.

Hope to see you at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

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