Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ode to The Decorated Cookie Blog and a Cookie Sensations Giveaway! Plus a PEEP show....

Everything I have learned about the possibilities of food writing, I learned from Meaghan Mountford at the Decorated Cookie Blog.

This one is for YOU, Meaghan. (I know you love Peeps...)

Paging Doctor Peep..Doctor Peep...

Yes, Nurse...what is it??

Doctor Peep, we have a CODE CHOW DOWN, I repeat, A CODE CHOW DOWN.
Doctor Peep Rushes to the Bedside.....

Why yes, I see that you have been chowed upon.

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

The next morning...

I'm CURED!!!  Thank you Doctor Peep, you saved my life!

No problem, young Peep, all in a days work.

Did you know Doctor Peep is also board certified in Psychiatry??? 

Unfortunately for you peeps, he is not taking new patients at this time.

The 411:
These Peeps were made by using Wilton teal candy melts.  I melted the candy and dipped the Peeps.  After dry, I started drawing the "scrubs", stethoscope and red cross on the Peeps with edible food writers. As I have said many times before, Americolor are my FAVORITE.

When I first started making cake pops I got sooo frustrated with the random brand of food writers that I purchased at WalMart.  It was probably operator error, but to me, the Americolor Markers just work better.

I had almost abandoned all hope for mastering the use of the infamous edible food writer, that is, until the GLORIOUS day when I happened up the blog of Cookie Designer and Edible Craft Superstar, Meaghan Mountford.  Check it out by clicking HERE.

Not only are her cookies amazing and beautiful works of art, she has so many fun inspirations for food doodling.  I have never looked at marshmallows in quite the same way since.

I have given her the nickname that I hold to great distinction....
The Queen of Fast and Fancy.

I live for Fast and Fancy.  I work.  I am a mom, a wife, a blah blah blah, a whine, whine, whine....I need fast and fancy to survive here people.

Wanna know the bestest part EVER???  Many, many of her projects are so user friendly that I can do them with my daughter, Sophia (7).

We have made so many fun things together using her ideas as inspiration like this Love Bug. Click on the link for how-to's.


That is so important to me.

The Giveaway
Meaghan has written an AMAZING cookie decorating book and I would like to share that book with someone who will use it to make their own sweet memories.

You can enter up to 3 times

Just leave a comment and tell me your best "sweets" memory...maybe baking with grandma or was it taking your first cake decorating class?? 

Like my NEW page on Facebook and leave a comment here so I know what ya did!

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Winner will be chosen on Friday via random.org.

Can't wait for the giveaway? No problem - you can order the book by clicking HERE.  

Thank you for your psychotherapy, Meaghan.  I am a huge fan.

This is my life in Peeps again today, thanks for reading!

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~ Trish


Libberlicious said...

I liked you on Facebook. I hope you like my page on there too! :)

Unknown said...

Trish...how do these thought come to you?
You always seem to know when I need a laugh.
I am still a bit "drugged up" from having surgery yesterday morning.(you have no idea! :) Any how the whole Dr. & Nurse tidbit was perfect!
I thought the 2 "pills" were going to end up as a breast enlargement....Told you I was on pain meds.

*Oh and I follow you, and Like the new page.*
You are the best! And I cant wait to try out those new food writer markers I just got in the mail today! GOOD TIMES!

Unknown said...

Thanks you PEEPs.....I so wish I would have put those M&M's on the PEEP as boobies....darn...but THANKS for the future idea buddy!!

EmandM said...

This is too cool! One of my fav memories is baking banana bread with my mom and my sister!

TheresaSea said...

My favorite sweets memory is making the criss-cross pattern on the peanut butter cookies my mom made. :) I always loved being involved in her cooking/baking, and that's the one I can remember at the youngest age.

Thank you for the giveaway!

TheresaSea said...

I found you and 'liked' you on facebook!

isabel said...

Learning to make divinity with my grandmother! Hers was famous. Mine is still coming along...

Anjali said...

Very cute PEEP story! Trisha, I am remembering my mom's rice pudding-that's definitely my "sweets" memory at the moment :)

carahkristel said...

My sweetest memory is making hand painted chocolates with my mom.

Lynette said...

Your PEEPS are so cute! Love the story. And yes, M&M boobs would be great for another story. :-)

Colleen said...

My best cookie memory is making cookies with my kids. One of my fondest memories is making cookies with my son, as a toddler. He couldn't quite communicate well, but he let me know in a hissy fit that I was not going to leave him out of helping. He had to stand on a chair to help stir.

Unknown said...

LOVE these stories....I love memories. You guys rock!

Shannon said...

It's a tie between baking Christmas cookies at my grandmother's, especially her German Christmas cookies. She baked by memory, so we are still trying to replicate the flavor, but they are still my favorite and baking gingerbread houses/men with my kids and watching them wear and eat more than they get on the cookies.

Jessica said...

Trish... That was so cute I loved it and how did you think of such a cute thing like that?

....Making my first Cupcake batch with my mom. It was a mess but I got better.

Sue said...

I already have Meaghan's book (Love her!), but I can always gift one to another lucky individual! Very cute peeps medical drama:)

Lee said...

my fav memory is making holiday cookies w/ my mom!

Sunflower Skies said...

My favorite memory is definitely learning how to bake with my grandma when I was a kid! She knows all of her recipes by memory, so that's how I learned them too :]

LauraF said...

My favorite memory was of my daughter's reaction to her second birthday cake: I'd decorated it in brightly colored fondant stripes and made fondant balls [that she later called her "candies"] to rim the cake layers with... hot pink and lime green. The sheer joy on her face was priceless, and well worth the time spent and staying up until the wee hours of the morning!

LauraF said...

I've "liked" you on Facebook! [Laura F*****n]- I was your 20th fan :)

LauraF said...

I'm a new Twitter follower! [@HousehTreasures] and I tweeted here... http://twitter.com/#!/HousehTreasures/status/61245726474240000

Sassy Sites! said...

Cute blog!! I'm your newest follower! Thanks for coming by Sassy Sites and linking up. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Don't forget to enter the giveaways...


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!! I added the Eggstravaganza giveaway button - thanks for the tip Marni!!! Everyone should check those out...WOW!

Unknown said...

Oh Trish...it's ME again. Now that I am not on pain pill's (at the moment) I realized I didn't tell you what my favorite or special memory was....I think it would have to be just going to stay with my Grandparents in the Summers. And my grandpa had a special way of making me feel as if I could cook or bake anything. When really at that time I only knew how to bake cakes and cookies. But boy he would talk them up! I swear I made one or the other every other day. I miss him dearly.

Unknown said...

That is sweet Lark.

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