Friday, April 22, 2011


This is a ROCKIN CUTE, quick and easy (aka fast and fancy) Spring or Easter edible craft from Meaghan Mountford's blog The Decorated Cookie.

I put one in Sophia's lunch the other day....

She likes her coconut nest!!

Click HERE for the how to.  I used marshmallows, NOT brownie pops.  My brownie pops always look...well, how should I put this....odd.

Recently I tried to mask the ugly with frosting....

DORKY!  A sweet kiddo from the neighborhood was over and said, "Mrs. Shamp, I like your mouse!"

It's a bunny.


I will be posting the winner to the Cookie Sensations Giveaway on Easter Sunday.  Click on the link to enter if you haven't already.

This is my life in sweet tweets today, thanks for stopping by!

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~ Trish


Paula said...

OMG Trish. You made my day! I laughed so hard at your "mouse" For the record....I knew it was a bunny! Keep up the FUN!

Anonymous said...

I can see where a small child might see it as a mouse. Lol Very cute. Second time I've been here, on Paula's recommendation, it does make me smile, keep it up!


mschiddy said...

Cute bunny/mouse! At least the child recognized it as an animal--I don't think one I made would look recognizable! Thanks for sharing these treats!

Unknown said...

Oh my heck Trisha....It hurts to laugh! But oh crap I think I peed a little. Oh My Gosh..I love the Mouse, I mean Bunny. I love that YOU can laugh with me! (WTH?!)

I mailed you a package today! :)...I have my ways getting your address...seeing how you have ignored my request. J/K.

I Hope you have a wonderful Easter with Your family. I plan on sending an email tomorrow.

And I love the little birds! Can you make me a little Meadow Lark? :)

Unknown said...

Oh I forgot to tell you I am so PROUD of you!
You posted on Made it on Monday! :)

My little girl is growing up! AAHHH.

Michelle B said...

Saw this @ Made it on Monday and had to stop by. Those little birds are so sweet!

Dawn said...

"Recently I tried to mask the ugly with frosting...."
Too funny. I normally just let my kids eat the bloopers. Maybe I'll try to mask them next time!
Nice blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Trish! Thanks so much for following Mommy LaDy Club, and so nice to meet you. I love the little marshmallows idea!...great blog:)

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Those marshmellow chicks are so cute! Thanks for stopping by Crazy About My Baybah

Jessica said...

Hi Trish I'm Jessica from The Cooking Blog.. I'm Lark's daughter... and I was wondering if I could have your email I wanted to get to know you better.. Just leave me a comment on my blog as soon as I get it I will delete it so no one will see it thanks.

Unknown said...

You have made my TOP 3 pick on Made it on Monday.

Grab your "I've been featured" button.

I hope you will continue to link up to
Made it on Monday! :)

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