Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

This is a Happy Birthday post for my two sisters.

One whose birthday is actually today!

One whose birthday was on April 12th and I was out of town and couldn't blog.

Remember these pictures ladies???  Oldies but goodies.

I love you both dearly.

For your birthday pleasure I thought I would give you the gift of laughter...

"I get the bathroom first."

"Why did you give me that dirty look?

"Are you really going to wear that?"


"I was just KIDDING."

"Can't you take a joke?"

"Are you serious?"

"Have you talked to Mom today?"

I bopped around the internet for a witty and heartfelt quote to cut and paste in here but actually the relationship of sisters is not something that can be summarized by a tidy collection of pretty words. 

I think of it like the wind at times...calm...gusty...tough when you are on a bike going up hill into it and awesome when you want to sail.

When I feel my sisters presence I touch on these emotions...




Unconditional Love

And they love me even if I am afraid of Royal Icing.

And if my sugar cookies blob out and don't keep their shape.

However, I have found a fix for the blob thingie  - check out the recipe for sugar cookies in my recipe link, bookmark won't be sorry.

Unfortunately I had to use up some old cookie dough I had in the freezer for this batch and they were blobs...but a quick fix is to recut the cooled cookie with the cutter to sharpen the shape like I did above!

To be honest I am not very skilled at using royal icing YET, but it is something I really want to master.

I had to make this FAST but FANCY so I used some left over strawberry lavender buttercream (for recipe click HERE) and canned chocolate frosting for the bottom of the cupcake **gasp**.

Then I simply used a wilton 22 open star tip to pipe the drop flowers and a wilton size 3 to pipe the chocolate border. I filled it in using a wilton size 10 open round tip and VIOLA....sprinkled with a little "pixie dust" and add a "cherry" M&M on THAT was Fast...but Fancy.

I wipped out two dozen of these in less than 15 minutes.

Too bad my sisters do not live in Minnesota so instead, the church carnival will get the labors of my love today!

Love you guys!! xoxoxo

Also, Happy Birthday to a dear lady who has the most beautiful blog called The Tablescaper. Check it out by clicking HERE!

~ This is my life in a cupcake cookie to celebrate my two sisters who continue to get older each and every year! HAHAHAHA!! 


Paula said...

WOW! Thank you Trisha! You are so thoughtful and YES, I DO get the bathroom first, I'm the oldest! I NEVER give dirty looks, Yes! I AM wearing this, WHATEVER is my favorite word, Kidding around is a family trait, Thanks Dad! NOBODY in our family can take a joke, they can, however sure dish them out! Seriously? Are you serious? How many times do we say that a day? My favorite is: "Have you talked to Mom today?"
How amazing is it that these few little anecdotal quotes mean so much to us! Our mother has taught us so much, we never want to be left out of anything she is doing or feeling. She has taught us all to love each other unconditionally and give each other strength through the years. Our Mother is the one I thank today! Happy Birthday to ME! I am so lucky to be a part of this beautiful family! Thank you Trisha for dedicating your blog to Marla and I today! I LOVE YOU!

♥ Miss Tea said...

what a beautiful birthday post to your sisters! love the cupcake cookie! love the quotes you that you found too! beautiful photos of you and your sisters, i miss mine too, i wish they live closeby! xx Susan

Marydon said...

Darling greetings & wishes to your sweet sisters, Trish. Golly, those 'sayings' sound sooooo familiar (4 sisters would do that). Sweet cookie, bet it is deelish!

Have a beautiful day ~

Lark (SparkyLarky) said...


Can I be thought of as your Sister? I want a damn cupcake! j/k

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I enjoyed this sweet tribute to your sisters. What a pretty confection!

Angela McRae said...

What a sweet (literally and figuratively!) tribute to your sisters! I am sooooo happy you visited my blog so I could learn about yours -- my goodness, you've got some seriously gorgeous stuff here. Going to be reading for quite a while, I can tell!

Manni said...

lol! Trish you are too funny!
You're very lucky to have sisters. I don't and I've seen my SIL with hers and the bond and the connection they have is unbreakable. The post was very sweet :)
Have a wonderful weekend Sweet Lady:) ( I copied you!!)

parTea lady said...

What a lovely post for your sisters and the birthday cupcake cookie is very cute. You have a gorgeous blog and I will enjoy exploring your past posts.

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