Friday, May 6, 2011

Gustav Klimt Cupcake for Mother's Day ~ Mother and Child

I love art. 

One of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt made famous for "The Kiss"

Another one of his well known works is called Mother and Child.

Here is my adaption, cupcake style.....

And here is the print....

So peaceful.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out, considering I did it on a whim.

This is for my mom, Jan, who is truly a priceless masterpiece.

Klimt doesn't have anything on YOU, Mom!

This is also for my two sisters Paula and Marla who are wonderful mothers.

From Left...Paula, Marla and Me!

And for all my friends both near and far who are mother's in one way or another....Happy Mother's Day.  This one is for YOU too!

**For those of you who want to know how I made this:
     1.  Print Klimt picture
     2.  Trace onto wax paper
     3.  Roll out colored fondant
     4.  Cut your wax paper tracing into a "puzzle"
     5.  Lay pieces of the "puzzle" on colored fondant and cut out with exacto 
     6.  A nice trick is to freeze rolled fondant briefly ~ cuts without tearing
     7.  I used wilton premade flesh tone, brown and black
     8.  Americolor markers save the day again for the outlining
     9.  Small flower sugar decorations colored with edible marker
    10. A dusting of pixie dust is always good!

You can find the pixie dust and Americolor markers in my SWEET BOUTIQUE ~ click on the link in my header.

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♥ Miss Tea said...

awwwww the adaption of mother and child are on the cupcake is sooo cute!! you're very very good at this, so envious! thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful family, happy mother's day! x Susan

Anonymous said...

From Your Mom...Wow..Wow...Wow..This is magnificent and who would even want to destroy this beauty by eating it....Not Me!!! I love Klimt..remember our Klimt bags..I still have mine. My 3 Greatest Gifts have been you 3 beautiful girls.You have all made me so happy & proud. Besides that you are all wonderful Mothers. Happy Mom's Day to my 3 Greatest Treasures. Love You...Your Mom

Unknown said...

A cup cake master piece! wow a shame to eat it (but I would) lol I love cake yum!

Love Dawn xx

Unknown said...

Wow so pretty!! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

Kadie @ Seven Alive

Jenn McKinlay said...

WOW. Absolutely gorgeous!

Paula said...

Wow! What a wonderful tribute to motherhood! You, too are an amazing mother, wife, daughter and sister. I'm truly blessed. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world! I am so proud to be your sister and your friend! I Love you!

Unknown said...

Oh My word...It is a great piece of art.

You are an amazzzzzzing Friend and Mother.

I am so proud to call you my friend!
You make me smile! Thank YOU!

VeraSimilitude said...

You ARE an artist!

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hey sweet Mama!
I absolutely LOVE this cupcake! Truly spectacular and one of my fav's that you have done so far!!! My mother had "the kiss" hanging in our home growing up and I LOVE that too! Blessings to you on this special day, you are a FANTASTIC mother!!!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Trisha,
Your cupcake is quite the work of art; amazing and cute too! Thanks for sharing and for your visit. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Ali said...

What a beautiful cupcake. I always loved 'the kiss' but I never knew there was a mother/child version of it. So beautiful!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Have a great week.

Zaa said...

OMG..Trisha .....This is soooooo fabulous...It's an edible work of art ..Yummy ... How very talented you are !!! Thank You for directing me to this wonderful blog post.... I'll be back for more delicious blog morsels....Hugs

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