Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sweetest Lady I have EVER known.

Happy Birthday to my Nana Marcy

Grandpa Frank, Nana Marcy

She was the sweetest lady that ever lived.
Nana with her kids...Bob, Jim, Jan (my mom), John
She is dancing with the Lord in Heaven.

Photo Credit

I miss her very much.

My Nana made the most AMAZING kolaches. 

I have never attempted the infamous kolache.
In honor of my Nana's Birthday and my birthday on Monday I am going to attempt to make some kolaches this weekend!

I hope she is proud of me and what I am doing in my life.

I love you Nana.


Two Minute Takes said...

Beyond any doubt, your Nana is proud of all that you are and all that you are doing. How could she not be.

Barbara F. said...

OMgoodness, is she ever proud?! She's always pointing you out to everyone in Heaven saying, see that gal over there, she's MY granddaughter! I bet those kolaches turn out great. Happy birthday to you, dear Trisha! xo,

Unknown said...

I cannot believe your Nanna would be anything BUT proud of you!

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Trisha
I'm sure your Nana would be very proud of you. I don't know what kolaches are so I'm looking forward to your post.
Happy Birthday, hope you have a day filled with sunshine.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday to you and your Nana. Good luck with the kolaches - never made them myself, but I am sure you will enjoy making them. It's all about the process right? Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Paula said...

Nana would be so proud of you! She taught me how to bake long ago as it was her passion. Now you are continueing that tradition. LOVE IT! I think I will try to make kolaches as well this weekend.
Happy Birthday Nana Marcy!

Anonymous said...

From Your Mom
First thing this morning in my Fosbinder tradition I sang Happy Birthday to my Mommy. She is BY FAR the nicest lady I have ever run across and lucky me to have called her Mom. I remember back on 9/9/1975 after I had called and sang my Birthday song to her she returned my call at the end of the day and said, "I guess, I'm not going to get my baby for one of my Birthday gifts this year." She so wished to have YOU COME on her Birthday that year but 3 days later there you were in all your glory. Since I was born on her mother's birthday she so hoped you would have been born on her's. She did tell me once that September 12 was close enough. She was always and always will be proud of you and is smiling at the thought of you making kolaches. I learned from the master, My Mother, but mine never ever tasted like hers. You truly touched me today!!
Love Mom

Gloria Baker said...

happy birthday to your adorable nana and you,loads of love, lovely post! gloria

Cindy Adkins said...

This is such a sweet post! I love the wedding photos! Happy Birthday to you on Monday - your Nana would be very proud!

Angela McRae said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I look forward to hearing about the kolaches!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Aw-w-w-w, I know she would just be so proud of you & THRILLED that you are going to be making kolaches!! What a wonderful tribute to your Nana!!

Sue said...

I am certain she is proud of you! :)

Desi said...

Aww this and your more recent post of your kolaches touched my heart! Your Nana seems like a wonderful woman who truly touched alot of people and left her mark on the world. Happy belated birthday to you and your Nana!

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