Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bidding is OPEN!!!!

This week I will be sending out a few reminders for this so I hope you don't mind some REDUNDANCY!
PLEASE go check this online bake sale
out by clicking HERE!

This national online bake sale will be open up until Mother's Day, May 8th and all proceeds benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation which supports Breast Cancer Research.

Your support is needed and appreciated.

If you are not able to bid, that is OK, just pass this link on to your family, friends, people on facebook, twitter or anyone else who might be interested!
The BOOBIE cookies are what I donated.


Notes from the Homestead said...

Me likey the boobies! Ha! I cannot wait to bid!!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE the NEW "Look"!

LOVE your Button!..Can I press your button? (lol)

Paula said...

The new blog is beautiful!
Been bidding! This is fun!

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