Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet SugarBelle's 20+ Ways to Use a Pumpkin Cutter

Sweet SugarBelle's
20+ Ways to Use a Pumpkin Cutter
BIG thanks to Callye, from Sweet SugarBelle for asking me
to contribute to this amazing collection of ideas on how to



To be included amongst these incredible bloggers is beyond AMAZING for me and I am so very excited!!!
I used a MINI pumpkin cutter for this sweet 
Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin Cupcake Topper.

I started with white fondant and colored it orange. 
After rolling it out, I cut the shape with the mini
pumpkin cutter that came in the basic mini cutter 
Halloween pack from Wilton. 

After the pumpkin was cut, I then used a toothpick
to make some ridges in the fondant as you see in the photo.

I am sure many people don't have a mini baby face cutter
as I used here, but a great alternative is to use the round
end of a piping tip for a small baby face, that works GREAT!

After cutting out the pumpkin, I used a fondant roller
cutter (or you can use a pizza cutter) to cut the pumpkin as you 
see in the picture.  I drew the face with a black Americolor
Edible Food Writer (my favorite) and used some pink petal dust to give the cheeks a rosy hue. After placing on the cupcake as you see, I piped a green stem and some leaves which give it a nice
added touch in my opinion! PEEK-A-BOO

What a sweet lil' pumpkin! 



Unknown said...

awesome!! Love these :)

Pink Little Cake said...

I have a soft spot for cupcake toppers, these Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin Cupcake Topper is just adorable.

Unknown said...

Such a cute topper. I enjoyed doing this pumpkin cookie project with you. :) ♥

Jill @ said...

Awww...these are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Soo cute! Love that little face :)

Unknown said...

So cute!! I love the peek a boo baby!! The orange pumpkin looks great against the dark icing!

Beth @HungryHappenings said...

Such a sweet design. I can't wait to use these for a baby shower we will be having next fall. I've pinned it so I will not forget!

Sue said...

Adorable cupcake topper! I'd love to find such a cute lil' pumpkin in my pumpkin patch! :)

The Partiologist said...

What a sweet little pumpkin topper! It is amazing all the detail you were able to create in a little pumpkin!

MsFoxsSweets said...

Wow! what a sweet collection! I love your lil pumpkin cupcake too!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Doesn't surprise me that you had something cute included in these creative ideas!
Congrats to you.

SimplySweetsbyHoneybee{Melissa} said...

Simply adorable! So nice to be a part of this project with you.

Antiques And Teacups said...

I LOVE your pumpkin cupcake! How cute! I almost wouldn't want to eat it....almost! LOL!

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! It's like Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin!! Or an adorable baby face peaking out of a pumpkin. :)

the decorated cookie said...

Could this be any cuter? Mythinks the answer is "No, it can't. Have you seen me?" I thought about Linus, too!

Notes from the Homestead said... those are super cute! Reminds me of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin with Linus lurking in the pumpkin patch waiting for the "Great Pumpkin"!

High Heeled Life said...

These are absolutely darling ... will stop by and check out some of the other contributors. Hope you are enjoy the beginning of autumn. Hugs, C. (HHL)

Glory said...

Super cute! And it sure looks delicious too!

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