Saturday, March 10, 2012

St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

One week from now, on St Patty's Day,
my sweetie pie, Sophia will turn 8 years old!!

We are having a crazy fun party!

More on that later, but for now
here is what I made for her birthday last year

I was just a few months into decorating
and was so proud of these!!

I used a rolo topped with some mini yellow 
M&M's for the pot of gold in case you were wondering.

The rest is kinda obvious. 

The kids at her party totally snubbed
the toppings and went for the cake, scrapping
most of the top off! HAAAA!

But the "decorations" and "presentation" is mostly
for us, right? Most of you will know what I am talking about.

Next week I will continue to show some fun
ideas for Lucky Charm treats and stay tuned
for an amazing My Cake School Membership Giveaway
coming very soon!!

Have a great weekend!




Anonymous said...

Nice job! You just never know about kids ... or adults ... some lick the icing and don't care about the cake ... personally, I love the cake!

Michele said...


And happy birthday to your 8 year old! How nice she shares such a fun date.

My oldest friend - have loved her since we were 3 and we graduated high school together and are still GREAT friends many years later shares a March 17th birthday too. She always loved that I always found a St. Pat's birthday card for her. She became honorary Irish then!

Those cupcakes look so delicious!

parTea lady said...

Those cupcakes are really pretty. I love the snack mix in the previous post too.

Sue said...

The rolo for the pot is ingenious! I just may have to try it myself:)

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

So cute! I can't wait to see what you're doing for her birthday. Happy early birthday to her!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Those lucky kids to have such amazing treats. I suppose the countdown is on for the birthday girl and I can hardly wait to see what's baked for her party this year.

busanalayali said...

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Lisa said...

These are just darling. I haven't done any St. Pat's day baking and I AM IRISH. What a slacker...
Happy Bday to your dear one.

Unknown said...

These are fantastic, Trish, so beautiful. I love the little shamrocks and the rainbows.

Also, just wanted to let you know that I've hit you up with a link to your blog back on my blog. Your blog and work is fantastic so definitely link worthy! :)


Angela McRae said...

Honest to goodness, everything you do is so pretty and clever! And if I had been there, I promise you that icing would not have gone to waste! (If not, ahem, to "waist.")

Beth @HungryHappenings said...

I can't believe the kids scraped off the top. Your decorations were wonderful and I'm sure they were tasty too. I love the rolo pot of gold.

Beth @ Hungry Happenings

highheeledlife said...

OMGOSH!! our Goddaughter is with us over March break and when presented with bite size cup cakes for afternoon snack topped with icing and tiny shamrock sprinkles ... she was most happy to just indulge in the cake part (she is 7)... I was like HUH!! Give me that icing anytime!!

Though our store bought cupcakes pale in comparison to your gorgeous and creative ones! I would totally savor each and every bite of yours!! hugs xo Blessings, C. (HHL)

Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

Goodness! What wierd kids!!! I usually ate the toppings and sort of crumbled and disappeared half the cake! Ya gotta civilize those kids! I LOVED them!

Katya said...

These are so cute, love the rolo and m&m's for the pot o' gold! Your daughter is a lucky girl to have such a creative mother. Happy Birthday to her:)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the kids to strip away all the adorable *fancy* stuff and get right to the cake part :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, looking forward to Sophia's big day.

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