Wednesday, June 29, 2011

School House Rock Cupcake "I'm Just a Bill"

I grew up in the 80's. There was a lot to love about the 80's but I must say that I have fond memories of coming home
from school and watching the ABC "After School Specials"

Remember those....aaahhh they taught me a lot about life.
One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE "After School
Special" shows was 

As your body grows bigger
Your mind grows flowered
It's great to learn
'Cause knowledge is power!
It's Schoolhouse Rocky
That chip off the block
of your favorite schoolhouse
Schoolhouse Rock!

Remember learning how a Bill became a Law?? this BLAST from the PAST.. 

Well, this 4th of July I was thinking of something 
fun and different to do and during one of my reminiscent delusions of grandeur while sleep deprived watching old School House Rock shows on You Tube with Sophia I came up with this...

"I'm Just a Bill...Living on Capital Hill"
Say what you will about "government", may you be RIGHT or LEFT, SQUARE or ROUND, 
I think we can all agree that
our COUNTRY is pretty darn awesome.


This was super EASY..I just wrapped up a rectangle piece of white fondant as a scroll for "Bill" and then used Edible Food Writers on White Fondant for the saying, "I am Just a Bill".  The tassel on Bill is twizzler adhered with a little corn syrup!! The frosting is red buttercream ( recipe of course...) and piped with a Wilton 1M!!
See you all SATURDAY for a fun and EASY
Star Spangled Fruit Tart!!
I am eating cupcakes with...


♥ Miss Tea said...

awesome!! love the cupcake, crafty you!! oh yes 4th of july is around the corner and time for celebration :) dont u just love independence day! now that im in the UK, i tend to celebrate it by coming to my embassy where they usually hold parties in the ambassador's house. miss the real one though in my hometown :) always love your post, Trisha! xx Susan

Trisha said...

Oh my gosh I love it! I think you should probably do a cupcake for every School House Rock...maybe Conjunction Junction next? Very fun!!!


Paula said...

Please let me know when "BILL" gets his "LAW" ribbon.....LOL

Two Minute Takes said...

Such a creatively fun idea! I'd love to be able to say that I grew up in the 80's, unfortunately I can only say that my kids did LOL They enjoyed the afterschool specials as much as you did though :) Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations.

The Charm of Home said...

Oh, how Cute! Yes, I remember well schoolhouse rock. Catchy tunes.LOL

MsFoxsSweets said...

Wow! I remember that! Your cupcakes are so cute and orginal! LOVE THEM!

Lisa said...

I haven't thought about that in a long time. lol! I CANNOT write with one of those markers - what is my problem? Anyway, super super cute!

Unknown said...

Ha, ha..I love this! I brought back memories!
Nest week will you do something on 3-2-1..CONTACT!

Tea & Chocolate Guy said...

Love this!! not only does it bring back memories it so adorably creative!!! xo HHL

Unknown said...

Love it! You're a fabulous cupcaker!!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You're so creative!!!!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Wow - this brought back memories! Thanks for sharing! Your cupcake design is so fabulous - just perfect for the 4th! Thanks for sharing and Happy holiday weekend to you and yours!

Lady Linda said...

I used the show when I was teaching little ones year ago! A fun trip down memory lane.
Happy 4th!
Lady Linda

Sugar Swings said...

love this and school house rocks! (my kiddos love them too since we bought them the dvd :)

Angela McRae said...

OK, I'm catching up with my blog friends after being gone last week and I have to say - I LOVED SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK!!! I give you the award for Most Clever Cupcake Ever! Loooooove how your mind works!

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