Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Frosting for the Cause ~ My Story

I have the honor of guest posting at

My story...with a side of PB&J cookies. 

A Long Life May Not Be Good Enough,  
But a Good Life is Long Enough. ~ B. Franklin

For those who rely on poison to prolong survival....I salute you.

This post is also dedicated to my niece and nephew  (AJ and Jocelyn) who sold sunglasses and donated their money to the NBTA.  Your selfless acts of charity and love will always rest 
peaceful on my heart and soul.  

And Thank You to Paula from Vanilla Bean Baker for her
hard work and dedication to Frosting for the Cause!



MrsFoxsSweets said...

Loved reading your story, very touching...just want to give you a big hug! The PB&J are adorable too!

Barbara F. said...

You are a true inspiration to all of us, Tricia, just keep on doing what you are doing. Great job and love those pb&j cookies, so cute. xo,

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Trish, I stopped over at Frosting For The Cause and left you a note there! Your PB&J's are a delicious reminder about the important things in life, like your precious Sophia Rose. I see they are wearing smiles... I am too ( and a little tear)!
Much prayer and love for you today!

GardenofDaisies said...

These little PB and J cookies are the cutest thing! I love that there is less sugar in it, which makes a better snack for the little ones. You truly are a courageous woman! Hugs to you. ( about a week ago I posted about making dessert for a family who had a daughter in the hospital... that young lady has a brain tumor.)

AJ Wurtz said...

Thanks Aunt Trisha, we do it for you.

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hey sweet girl, I loved your guest post over at Frosting for the Cause!! I left you a note over there, but wanted to say "love ya" over here too! Sooooo proud of you!!!!

♥ Miss Tea said...

love the quote, true, good life is long enough, a beautiful and inspiring post! the PB&J cookies are too cute! God Bless you with all your loved ones and to your niece and nephew with their selfless act to help the cause! X susan

lisa said...

You have turned a difficult road into one filled with love, courage, and beauty. Your family is VERY LUCKY to have you! My eyes filled up reading your wonderful post. And now for the cookies - my kids would have eaten these till they came out their noses! Isabelle Rose is 13 and still a P B an J-aholic. Well done, my friend!

Lark (SparkyLarky)@ Lark's Country Heart said...

I love them! I loved your post!
I Love you!

Angela McRae said...

What a great guest post! I absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing your heart with us -- along with all the great baking!

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Trisha
I've visited your guest post and need say no more. The cookies you and Sophia Rose made are the cutest things as PB & J will always be a comfort food.

Paula said...

Trisha! Thank you for always putting life in perspective. I'm so proud to call you my sister and will always be there for you! Thank you also, for dedicating this blog post to Andrew and Jocelyn. It is with a child's inspiration and we can propel forward as adults. We love you sooooo much! ~ Paula

sugarswings said...

thanks for sharing and love the cookies!

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Your daughter, like yourself is beautiful. She is blessed to have you for her mother and I believe that you are one of the most inspirational people I know. To have shared your story in the manner that you did touches my heart and soul and you have left a mark that will be treasured always. Thank you for not only baking a difference, but for making a difference in the lives of those so very fortunate to have crossed paths with you.

Doug @ It's a Blog Party said...

What a great cause! Thanks for sharing.

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