Thursday, July 28, 2011

Roses for a Friend~A Lesson in Following Your Heart

Let me tell you about one of the neatest 
ladies I friend Nicole.
Beauty, huh?
She is an amazing mother of two
 BEAUTIFUL little princesses.

 And that's not all...

You can also add sensational actress, singer, choreographer, dancer and theatre 
growing list of attributes.

Plus, she is one of the most compassionate, kind hearted friends I have ever had.  

We are neighbors and that 
makes me pretty darn lucky.

Many of us can relate that as we start our families, raise our young children, hold down a job and try to make our significant others, 
family and friends happy, we often lose sight of our own passions for the sake of others.
It is not bad, not good...just is. 

Nicole recently took a leap of faith and rekindled her passion for theater by taking part
in a local production of Kiss Me Kate.

The performance was nothing short of AMAZING.

Of course she STOLE the show.

I am so proud of her!!
I felt like a gloating parent as I got 
goose bumps and tears when she came on stage.

This is a good lesson in remembering that 
we do not have to give up on our bliss. 

We need to learn to strike a balance within our own minds and the guilt we place on ourselves as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends 
needs to be lifted...

Watching my friend follow her bliss lifted my spirits.

On a day when they needed some lifting.

Everyone Wins. 

 Following my bliss with:
Tablescape Thursday


Unknown said...

What a lovely post for what sounds like an AMAZING friend. thank you for sharing (her) with us!
I love to see the "act of a dream" in action!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lark...she is pretty cool beans.

Micupoftea said...

Kudos to you for supporting and encouraging nice to have a cheerleader in life!

Lisa said...

Wonderful words that we should all take to heart. And pretty wonderful fondant roses my friend.

Mary Bergfeld said...

What wonderful words and praise for a good friend. Your roses are quite lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.Blessings...Mary

LV said...

Nothing like a special friend. They will stand by you when no others will. You are very blessed.

Barbara F. said...

Sometimes, friends can be better than family, strange but true. There is nothing like a friend. Lovely post, and the roses are beautiful. xo,

Lynn said...

another sweet treat from sweetology...and now I know your friend as well, a little bit.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Trisha
Playing catch-up from a very relaxing week of vacation. You are a good friend to Nicole to extol her virtues in such a complementary manner.
I can't believe you made the little peach hats from Tea Time; well, yes I can, and I'm going to try them myself too in the near future. Your directions are super easy, you should have done the photos for the magazine. :-)

Kathy said...

That's one of my favorite musicals! So lovely to share your friend with us - I am so glad we've met through blogging - you are a wonderful, kind spirit yourself who spreads love and sunshine to those who come your way!
Hope you have a blessed day,

♥ Miss Tea said...

what an amazing friend and neighbor you have, Trisha! indeed she's beautiful and very talented! i think both you and Nicole are the same, both have a kind heart, a loving mother, very talented and so im not surprised you both were meant to met and be friends! love your post about your friend and how lucky both of you to have one another! x susan

Angela McRae said...

Your friend *is* a beauty, inside and out, from what you've shared. (I'll bet she says the same about you, by the way!)

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