Thursday, May 28, 2015

Inspiration Thursday - Vogue's Article on Women & Hair Loss

Happy Thursday!

I really want to share something inspirational I read this week. 

It was a story done on Vogue's website entitled, "Stylish Possibilities for Hair Loss after Chemotherapy & Alopecia".

I came upon it because I follow Vogue on Instagram. 
It was very Inspiring. Not something I would expect from Vogue, but pleasantly surprised. I didn't use any of the photos from their website here, I wasn't sure of the copyright policy. However I really encourage you to check it out, the link is at the end. 

The article shares the story of nine spirited women who have dealt with hair loss either as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia.

I absolutely LOVED one woman's quote: 

"Beauty to me was always about fitting in, Now I just want to stand out." (Mia Sidaros) 

Many points in this article really touched me and I found myself questioning how I define beauty. 

Many women and girls struggle with self esteem, their self image and what it means to be "beautiful." I know I do. 

In the world today, where everything that is celebrated seems so perfectly coiffed, airbrushed, filtered and plumped up, it can often seem overwhelming. Where does one fit in there? It is articles like this that I find so important to share & discuss with my 11 yr old daughter. 

Maybe the answer is found in beautiful Mia's quote ...the answer is in standing out. Embracing ones unique qualities, gifts and imperfections. Taking the filter off and exploring what it means to be raw and human. 

It's scary though. 

I applaud Vogue for this wonderful article. For opening my eyes today to another view, another possibility. 

To view Vogue's full article I strongly encourage you to click Here

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Michele said...

That's neat they did that....but God forbid if cancer has become so prevalent that it has become vogue, ya know what I mean?

Makes me get on my knees to pray for a cure SOON, sick of losing loved ones and experiencing or seeing dear ones suffer with losses of their own.

Thanks for sharing.

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