Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Holiday Snowman Beanbag Toss Game + Christmas Class Party Ideas

DIY Snowman Beanbag Toss

Actually our beanbags were 
marshmallows and looked
a little like this:
Image from Kraft Website

2 Large White Canvas Boards 
Orange, Black and Pink Paint or Sharpies

How To:
We used various objects to trace the eyes, hole in center as well as for the cheeks. 
We also used a dinner plate to help guide his cheerful smile. 
I did outline him in pencil before we got started. 

It was easy to cut the center hole. I just punched
through the center of the circle and 
easily worked my way around. 

We did use a black sharpie on his mouth
rather than paint and I am glad we did. 

Easy and Fun.

You can attach some wood blocks with
glue to the back if you want to keep it propped up however, they work great just propped up with books!

This is one of the games Sophia's class
will be playing at their Christmas party. 
Here are some other fun games we will play:

1. Stack red & green solo cups into a
Christmas tree - relay game

2. Toss little stuffed elves into large 
Christmas bags  - relay game

3. "Hot Santa" (aka Hot Potato) - toss a stuffed Santa around to music and when the music stops the one who has the Santa is OUT!

4. Draw a Reindeer - Topsy Turvy - in this fun and easy game the kids place paper plates on their head and then try to draw a Reindeer face or you can have them choose something else, maybe a Snowman?

5. Christmas Pictionary - have the kids try to draw out scenes to classic Christmas songs or items from the holidays! This is always a hit!

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Beth Jackson Klosterboer said...

This is such a clever idea. I love that the game is portable and that marshmallows are used for tossing. Fun!

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