Friday, October 5, 2012

Sometimes The Answer is No.............

Last night I was in the presence of 
an amazing woman. I don't know her well
but she really touched me by something she said.

Sometimes when we pray to God and we are looking
for him to answer us with a YES.....

However, we need to be
able to accept that His answer may, in fact, be No.

It was exactly what I needed to hear. 

My prayers aren't always answered how 
I want them to be.

But as evidenced by last night, he gives
us direction and answers when we need it.

His way. 

Not ours. 

A simple concept, I often forget.

I post this so I am reminded now and in the future. 
And for my daughter as she reads these posts someday:

NO may be the only way to finding YES.

I love you. 

This is my life in cupcakes today, pretty sweet huh?


Lisa said...

Just perfectly beautiful, and something we can forget all too easily. Hope things are going well.


Funny I just read your post, as I had been feeling this way for a while, just thining that HE said, "NOT this time" and that too made me feel more relaxed and without burden anymore. Than you for sharing and have a lovely weekend.

Anjali said...

So true and said beautifully too!

Barbara F. said...

Beautiful, and very very true. xo

Melissa said...

This is such a good reminder. We always get an answer, we are never ignored, but sometimes the answer is no.

Sue said...

I believe this too, Trisha. Thanks for the reminder:) Hope all is well. XO! P.S. Cute cupcake!

Unknown said...

Hope all is well....

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Trisha,
His way is always best. Happy are we when we realize that!
I hope you are having many cupcake days, my friend.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your very sweet comment about my blog birthday. It's ladies like you who keep me wanting to do my very best and offer something fresh and sweet in every post I put on. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Take care!


High Heeled Life said...

Trisha ... sometimes we all tend to forget that HE does answer and give us all that we need - not as we want or when we think we want it. I was just on the phone with my mother prior to reading your post and she was saying pretty much the same thing ~ it's a good thing God doesn't always give us what we want ... because what He gives (in what we need) is always much greater! ~ My mother turns 75 next week-end!

I would say my Angels are making sure that I too remember this; between conversation with my mother and your post :)

Hugs to you and your family ..xo C. HHL

Kathy said...

It can be difficult sometimes to realize our wishes and plans just aren't what God has in mind. Resting and completely trusting in God gives us the peace to know and to accept that sometimes 'no' is His answer. But, knowing this -His plan is far better and greater than ours. I have so very many wishes and wants...I have learned to put - trust God, follow God, love God, wait on God at the front of my wish list...I do want Him to say, 'well done'. I hope I'm demonstrating that and teaching that to my children -
Hugs and much love my dear Sister,

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