Thursday, November 20, 2014

Frosted Graham Cracker Turkey Treats!

Frosted Graham Cracker 
Turkey Treats! 

From Top Left: Louis (The Leader), Top Right: Bob (The Jock)
Then there is Jeff.......

Thanks to Honey Maid Grahams
for another EASY, NO BAKE, 
fun treat you can whip up with your
kiddo's with little mess and lots of fun!

Meet JEFF the Misfit Turkey of them ALL!

Here is what you need:
*Honey Maid Grahams
*Canned Chocolate Frosting
*Edible Eyes~We Used Large 
*Colored Fondant 

(HINT: if you don't have or want to use fondant,
 just use a Starburst in orange or red and mold to shape.
Also, if you don't have goggle eyes, use a marshmallow and black edible food writer or food coloring placed on with a toothpick!! IMPROVISE!!)

*Frost Your Grahams
*Place On The Silly Eyes
*Shape and Place the Beak & Gobble


Making Sweet Memories,
Sophia and Mom

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