Friday, September 2, 2011

Pencil Cupcakes ~ A Must Do Re-do!

We just got back from our 
amazing surprise Disney Trip and I wanted
to make something fun, quick

I tried to think of something original but my brain was clouded up with "It's a Small World" playing over and over....and plus...let us be HONEST here...sometimes
other people just have BETTER ideas. 

and this great idea for PENCIL CUPCAKES.

I whipped these babies out in like 10 minutes.

I call it a Must-Do, Re-Do!

I had the fushia, silver and yellow cupcake wrappers on hand and just cut the fushia and silver wrappers down and glued them all together. The Queen has a great cupcake wrapper template you can use to make your own wrappers from construction paper, so click on the link to check it out.

I had some cupcakes frozen in the freezer and thawed those puppies along with some buttercream that I tinted the organe-y, light brownie color.
I also keep some wilton premade tube decorating icing on hand in red and black which really helped out here for the pencil tip!


Here is to people who have better ideas and to those who replicate their ideas to keep them in business!


Barbara F. said...

Welcome back, Trish! I can't wait to see pics of that fun trip. I love how you can just whip up cupcakes 1-2-3. ;-) xo,

Loren @ The Baking Sheet said...

Adorable!! What a great idea and perfectly executed! Enjoy the last few days of summer!

♥ Miss Tea said...

woot! 10 min? u're awesome Trisha! love the cute pencil cupcakes! x susan

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed!
Linda J. Friendship Tea Blog

lisa said...

Welcome back and I hope you had a wonderful time. These are so cute and there is nothing wrong with replicating. It is a compliment to the original baker!

Pink Piccadilly Pastries said...

LOVE these!! What a cute idea!! Did you guys eat at the Crystal Palace? That was our favorite restaurant in Disney World. They had a great buffet and all the Disney characters walking around. So fun! Welcome back! xo Jina

MrsFoxsSweets said...

These are so cute! I haven't seen them before! I love how you did the wrappers like a pencil cool! It would have taken me more than 10 minutes to even get that color right! Glad yall had an amazing trip! How did your daughter react to the surprise?! FUN!

Paula said...

These are really cute and what a great idea with the wrappers. Thank you for taking such good care of Jocelyn! It was truly amazing! And she wants me to remind you...." Anything you can do, she can do it BETTTTER!" WE LOVE YOU!

Notes from the Homestead said...

Those are super cute! I cannot believe school starts in just a few hoo!! I will be missin those boys! Glad you had a wonderful trip!

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Trisha
Hope the surprise trip was a lot of fun. These cupcakes are so colourful and decadent looking...and calorie free, right?

Angela McRae said...

I love that you don't mind taking shortcuts sometimes! That is life, isn't it!

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